Ghetto or in fashion?

I had my first name necklace when I was 10, my fav cousin gave it to me. It was 14k yellow gold and was purchased from JC Penny. I thought I was the coolest girl ever. I remember because I begged to get it. This was 1994 way before Carrie Bradshaw. I love fashion and feel I start trends,  but this trend was around before me. I think it’s a cultural trend that has been around in the black and hispanic culture’s for a long time, even before LL Cool J’s famous line bamboo earrings at least two pair.

Back in the day wearing gold was a sign of having money, it was the bling bling before diamond pendants, think Run DMC. I ask ghetto, or in fashion because of a lot of things, but while watching old sex and the city, Carrie uses the line “ghetto gold” and it struck a cord with me. I have referred to large gold chains or hoop earrings as such. After Sex and the City girls from all walks of life wear these items. Do you think it’s because a non ethnic person wore it, it becomes okay? Or do you think we have grown in our fashion taste to where we have no rules? Every design team from Jcrew to Chanel has gold chains in jewelry and accessories. I will rock my gold anywhere, I will mix vintage and new gold, heavy gold with soft, bling with tarnished, I love it all. I just wonder why is it now okay or the norm. I remember being called ghetto for wearing gold, or my friends not understanding why my jewelry had my name on it lol. I guess the lesson is, in fashion you can find something in everything and make it your own! With fashion accessories and jewelry keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to reach back in time!

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

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