Mani & Pedi Tuesday

I honestly think of nails as an accessory, think Beyonce’s first night out after having her baby. I loved her outfit and shoes, but it was the blue nails that took it to the next level. I get mani’s once every tuesday and yes it chips after two to three days. So I re-up every friday for a polish change, just to freshen up before my weekend. That may sound excessive, but I found a way that works for me. Some people use gel, and I think its a great alternative, but there are two reasons I won’t use it. #1 you have to soak it off or risk damaging your nail beds, and with a 15month old son I have no time for that. #2 what the hell do I do with all my expensive ass polish? I have a HUGE Chanel polish collection what am I to do just throw it away I think NOT! For pedi’s, I go every two weeks and only get clear polish, who wants to distract from the shoes. For this week’s nail color, I chose the pink shade in YSL’s duo N0 8. It’s from there candy face spring 2012 collection. Because of V-Day I chose the pink, but I can’t wait to try the orange! I love the pink its very PINK, if your gonna go pink this is the pink for spring it’s everywhere. You may be too afraid to wear this color on your clothing or shoes, but with nails its okay to go there and give just a little pop of color. Below I have some pic’s of the nail color duo as well as how my mani came out!

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

2 thoughts on “Mani & Pedi Tuesday

  1. I never thought of your nail beds being an extra accessory. Light bulb. I agree I too loved Beyonce’s blue polish. I thought of it as her way of carrying her daughter with her on her first night out. The YSL polish looks sublime. Something I need to try out. Thanks

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