Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day everyone I’m sure has it on the brain what to buy, what to wear, where to go. Well I’m not feeling any of that pressure lol because for the first time in 8years I’m alone :). Don’t be sad I’m quite happy! But for all of you people in love land I have decided to post the top 5 Jewelry and Accessories gifts for both men and women. A lot of times men feel left out, the day is not just for one side of love, it’s to show the love you both have, and share.


 Black and White Diamond wedding ring 

 Black Diamond Earrings

 Hublot Black and Rose Gold Watch

XBOX cufflinks (CUTE)

DogTags with Black Diamonds


Engagement Ring 3carats

Diamond Studs

Keep Quiet Ring (i’m sure there are needs 4this)

Fashion Jewelry Cuff

Vintage Necklace

All these gifts both for men and women are not everyday gifts and are meant to show the possibilities only I’m aware of our times but still love great things. I just want to end with this; Love is about a feeling and not about materialism. Trust I love to receive and give gifts its fun, but the true blessing is that you found someone you wanna be around, and who wants to be around you. Who you want to grow old with, and who wants to do the same with you. Lets enjoy all the fuss but know that money can be taken, but your love, if real will only grow!!

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

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