Hello world!

Hi my name is Alix I’m 27 so not to young, but for sure not to old. Let’s get one thing out first, I’m not an english teacher and or english major so do not give me comments regarding any of that because to be frank I could give a shit! I’m just a girl that has loved jewelry and accessories my whole life and wanted to share that love with others. I have worked retail for 9years and had a small accessory line called Frosty Trinkets (Google me). The reason I started this blog is that so many of my friends and family can not seem to rock fashion accessories at all, or can not seem to mix in current trends with their classic pieces. For me before I pick out my outfit I know the jewelry and accessories I’m wearing, its always my starting point. I understand everyone does not feel like that or even understand that way of thinking, but its how I have always been. I love cupcakes but whats a cupcake (even from crumbs) without the icing, Just plain cake! I never want to blend in or look cookie cutter to anyone, I think every person should have his or her own swagga or thing that sets them apart from others. I named this blog Jewelry and other shit for three reasons 1. It catches your attention 2. because I wanted to bring to light Jewelry and (other shit) Fashion accessories. 3. Lastly because I curse and want to warn everyone, so we have a clear understanding from the start LOL. Thanks for taking a little time out of your day to get to know me, I can’t wait 2 share my world and change the way you dress one earring at a time.

Keep Shining XX, ALIX

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I like where you’re going with this blog. You have picked up a reader…I’ve just subscribed! I an most interested in websites and places where I can find funky, and vintage pieces of jewelry as that is my personal style.

    1. @jea try charm and chain they sell vintage stuff online thats great a little pricy but great most vintage isn’t online the best stuff is in your local vintage shops let me know your city and I will look some up for you. XX ALIX

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