Whats The Meaning?

I love when people show who they are with clothing and jewelry. I do this a lot with necklaces and statement pieces, but not with my everyday things. I'm not loyal to any one piece of jewelry. I will wear something one day, but I won’t wear again for months. Lately, I have seen this giant trend with bracelets that you never take off. I like it because it becomes [...]

The Tee Shirt

In LA, it is an extremely relaxed place anything goes! We LA people love our sunnies, flip flops, but we need our T-shirt. We dress them up, dress it down. It is for the day and night. We will spend hundreds on just a plan white T. J.crew Vintage T My fav t-shirt is J.Crew vintage T shown rt above it’s 29.50 but its worth every penny. [...]


Orbit Necklace 138.00  99.99 Now I can admit I have a love and hate relationship with J.CREW, I love damn near everything they have (especially the jewels and accessories), and I hate the high ass prices. So I almost always wait until sale, now this is like playing Russian Roulette. Unless there is something that I know for [...]


Keeping your clothes, accessories, and jewelry in excellent condition neat and organized, is just as valuable as getting them. Who cares if you have the Fendi bag if you damage it or never wear it because you can’t find it. To me organization is the key, if it’s organized it will remain how you left it. Bags should always be placed back in the dust bag. Jewelry [...]

Seven Must Have Sunnies

When living in LA the must have item is Sunnies! Every brand makes sunnies and every store carry sunnies, so it isn’t hard to find “your pair”. I love trendy items but with things that I spend a lot on e.g. bags, heel’s, and sunnies I go for classic. Classic doesn’t mean Ann Taylor (no offense) It just means I choose items that have the ability to be [...]