Lately I have been really focused on creating my brand. Making my blog, my social media and my store one. It’s really hard for me. I’m a really open person and because of all that I have went thru I wanted to share my growth. I just worry that I’m too real or too open. Some of blog entries have been removed. I recently closed my business instagram and now only have one page. @alixstephens. My growth lesson with this has been to be my authentic self at all times. To connect to people that follow my brand and keep in mind my goals. As hard as this has been, it’s literally the best feeling in the world. To grow something from the ground up, to see people start to see what you always saw. Learning to feel comfy enough to make mistakes and okay with your journey is our biggest lesson.  XX ALIX


My feature on The Boss Up is now live Click the Picture to check it out…



Special Thank you To The Boss Up!!

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I can’t tell you how much I love Just KeKe. Keke Palmer is a black singer/actress who began acting as kid. She just started her talk show Just Keke. It’s a talk show focused on young adults. Actually she is the youngest talk show host ever. She is fly, fun and likable. Young people need someone that understands them but also is well spoken. Who is “Cool” but prepared and responsible. She comes on on BET at 5pm you will love it!! XX ALIX

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I love the idea of showing love, but sometimes when we are not getting it, we sometimes feel less than. #WCW on social media is translated into Woman crush Wednesday. I always use it for mostly celebs, sometimes I find a big hair blogger and use it for her. I think we need to love ourselves and stop giving a fuck on what society says. Show love and live your best life. Trust me the right people notice. I have been some people’s WCW but I’m mine everyday. I’m learning that my love is enough. I hate to see dope girls doubting themselves because they are not anyone’s #WCW. Learn that you’re enough!! XX ALIX


unnamed-6My #WCW me!! in my new fav pair of earrings from #JCREW

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I remember when this style first came out,  I was like that is super crazy. To spend 300 bucks on a lunch bag or “lunch bag” style. For me I just could not do it.


The leather version is  better but $600 bucks is way to much, but it’s Jill Sanders!! I let this go until last night on instagram.


Mode Collective “Lunchy” Bag is amazing and allows you to personalize it  for free. It’s have the price and all the look this bag  is worth it.

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I love to shop and find deals but what I specialize  in is re-working or mixing things up. I don’t shop at one place I shop at most places. I’m not trendy but I will rock things that can be. I love to change my looks and to make something look total different. If it’s a graduation, a vacation, or a whole new wardrobe, I’m here to help. please email me with any questions, I would love to help you define your look or bring your current wardrobe to life. Thanks for the support and I look forward to working with you.


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I’m all about loving yourself and putting your best foot forward. Showing skin isn’t bad its all about balance. If your top is low cut, wear a full bottom, If your legs are out your top is covered. Being a woman is a complex thing but being able to be sexy not trashy is the trick. Love what you have and always work what you got. We as humans esp woman spend too much time not appreciating what we have. I love  my eyes, my legs and my style. I make sure to stay happy, because happy girls are the best.

What do you like about you? XX ALIX





I named some of the necklaces on my site after my friends except one (Ronika I got you) . The Jenni is my fav necklace by far. I never wore the necklace before but It was perfection.. The necklace is made of semi precious crystals and stones. I’m the only retailer in the us that caries it. Its AMAZE! Find the Jenni HERE


What is your fav statement necklace? XX ALIX

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There is nothing like all white. I love a good braid up, funny thing is I hated it when my grandma did it, but its so hot the least amount of hair the better.

H&M Slip dress, Anne Fontaine button up dress, Franco Sarto flats, Jenni necklace,

Do you rock all white? XX ALIX

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Gap sale 40% off sale price…

I was shopping for a client and passed the gap sale. For like almost a year I had not shopped gap, I have been on a J.Crew kick lol but my last two trips I have gotten great stuff.



This sweater was $23.00 bucks AMAZE BALLS. White Boy Friend Jeans (got a size bigger) $8.00 bucks and this Necklace is from my store HERE


Same Jeans, Cardi $17bucks shirt $23 all good solid pieces and can be worn all kind of ways….

Have you visited the sale? XX ALIX

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walking thru the mall I decided to go to the saks sale.. Very good selection esp online. Below is some of my fav a lot under  $200.00


sale shoes

Have you visited the sale? XX ALIX

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