I love to shop and find deals but what I specialize  in is re-working or mixing things up. I don’t shop at one place I shop at most places. I’m not trendy but I will rock things that can be. I love to change my looks and to make something look total different. If it’s a graduation, a vacation, or a whole new wardrobe, I’m here to help. please email me with any questions, I would love to help you define your look or bring your current wardrobe to life. Thanks for the support and I look forward to working with you.


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I’m all about loving yourself and putting your best foot forward. Showing skin isn’t bad its all about balance. If your top is low cut, wear a full bottom, If your legs are out your top is covered. Being a woman is a complex thing but being able to be sexy not trashy is the trick. Love what you have and always work what you got. We as humans esp woman spend too much time not appreciating what we have. I love  my eyes, my legs and my style. I make sure to stay happy, because happy girls are the best.

What do you like about you? XX ALIX





I named some of the necklaces on my site after my friends except one (Ronika I got you) . The Jenni is my fav necklace by far. I never wore the necklace before but It was perfection.. The necklace is made of semi precious crystals and stones. I’m the only retailer in the us that caries it. Its AMAZE! Find the Jenni HERE


What is your fav statement necklace? XX ALIX

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There is nothing like all white. I love a good braid up, funny thing is I hated it when my grandma did it, but its so hot the least amount of hair the better.

H&M Slip dress, Anne Fontaine button up dress, Franco Sarto flats, Jenni necklace,

Do you rock all white? XX ALIX

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Gap sale 40% off sale price…

I was shopping for a client and passed the gap sale. For like almost a year I had not shopped gap, I have been on a J.Crew kick lol but my last two trips I have gotten great stuff.



This sweater was $23.00 bucks AMAZE BALLS. White Boy Friend Jeans (got a size bigger) $8.00 bucks and this Necklace is from my store HERE


Same Jeans, Cardi $17bucks shirt $23 all good solid pieces and can be worn all kind of ways….

Have you visited the sale? XX ALIX

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walking thru the mall I decided to go to the saks sale.. Very good selection esp online. Below is some of my fav a lot under  $200.00


sale shoes

Have you visited the sale? XX ALIX

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I think I have mastered the art of high n low fashion. I literally will shop anywhere.  I’m inspired by clean lines and classic Items. I know what works for me. I make sure to be aware of the items that are in my closet. Always thinking about the “holes” in my wardrobe.   Everything in my closet is visible including accessories and jewelry. While I’m getting dressed I’m able to “Shop my closet”.  I always am up to mix and match pieces I don’t believe in sets. Even things that are the same pattern I tend to also wear apart. Most people buy the same things over and over instead of building,  they limit their wardrobe.

“Holes” holes in a wardrobe are missing items. IE black blazer, white dress shirts. Identify colors that you have a lot of or that you have none of. Do you have accessories that work with what you have? What accessories do you need or could you use?

“Shop your closet” I love this term, it means everything is leveled ready to be worn, ironed, sleeves rolled, belts and accessories displayed like a store. Your closet should be your fav store. I guess from retail  I learned that visuals matter. If you don’t wanna shop your closet how do expect to look your best.


Gap boy friend white button up $16.00, Old Navy Skirt $6.00, Franco Sarto flats $29.00 Vintage bag (my nanny gave to me so free) so total $51.00 plus J.Crew earrings $68.00. they are classic and a straight need lol.

How do you do high and low? XX ALIX

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7249MI like the solid board


I have worked retail for years so I can fold really well. I have always used a folding board at work but when it came to home I never did, I always kind of  of air folded. Now that I have this large closet with extra room, I went back to my roots and purchased a folding board. My shelves a perfectly folded. Even if you use a dresser I really think that a folding board can be useful to us all.  Have you ever used one?

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As you all know I wear my hair natural sometimes, I would not call myself an activist for the cause, but I’m learning as I go. Sometimes when I run out of my butter I just use oil. I have learned recently that an oil is a sealant. So all this time I was sealing my dryness. So just to reinforce moisturize then seal with oil. 2steps that you don’t wanna miss. I try all kinds of products and change them every three months. I have found that my hair gets used to a product after a couple of months. What do you use for your hair?

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I’m trying to get my brand out to the world, so I have officially hired PR and I’m getting more request to do Interviews about me and my fabulous Store. It’s kinda weird to be answering the questions versus asking them. My very first interview was with Fashionably Informed. The creator is so sweet and made this a very easy transition. Everyday I try to push forward and live my dreams. I love this fashion world and I love working for myself. I urge everyone to search with in them for that thing that makes them feel rich without making a dollar. I don’t know how long I can have this freedom, but I totally am at peace. I love my little store and this blog. I get high watching it grow from nothing. As hard as it has been, with barley any support and lil money it’s me pushing past my failures and helping to find why I was put here. Please check out my feature  HERE and  her blog!




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Today I rocked my vintage jump suit to run my errands and I realized the last time I wore it was a while back lol totally different looks same jump suit.


unnamed-22Vintage Jumpsuit ||H&M Belt|| Nine West heels


Vintage Jumpsuit||H&M belt||Stewart Weitzman 50/50 boots||

It was winter and all but I love both looks what do you prefer? XX ALIX

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